Kindergarten at Gloria Dei

Our Kindergarten program at Gloria Dei is aimed to have academically appropriate learning in a fun, safe environment where our young children can grow, learn, and thrive to ensure they are ready to succeed in the schooling that follows.

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Is my child ready for Kindergarten?

Many parents have concerns about whether or not their child is ready to begin Kindergarten, especially for the 4-year-old class. Here's a check list to see if he or she is ready to join us:

  • Will your child be 4 by September 1 (for 4-year-old Kindergarten) or 5 by September 1 (for 5-year-old Kindergarten)?

  • Is your child self-sufficient at using the bathroom?

  • Is your child able to verbalize his/her needs?

  • Does your child show a desire to learn? To attend school? To socialize with other children?

  • Is your child able to follow simple directions?

If you answered "yes" to all of the above questions, your child is probably ready for Kindergarten!


Gloria Dei offers Kindergarten for both 4-year-olds (sometimes called "Pre-Kindergarten" or "Transitional Kindergarten") and 5-year-olds. Both programs have similar focuses, but are appropriate for the developmental needs of the children in the class.

Our 4-year-old Kindergartners have a variety of flexible schedules available. You may choose from between 3 to 5 days a week, and a daily schedule that is a half-day (ending at 12:00pm) or a full-day (ending at 3:30pm). Our faculty will work with you to determine the best fit to meet your schedule needs as well as ensure your child's academic needs are being met.

Our 5-year-old Kindergarten program offers a flexible schedule in addition to the 5 full days option (8:30am to 3:30pm).  This new schedule allows students to join us for 5 mornings and 3 afternoons per week, attempting to help students transition from a part-time to a full-time schedule by first grade.


Our Kindergarten program is designed to care for the whole child and is crafted to meet every aspect of that care. It includes:

  • A literacy-rich environment

  • Hands-on, creative learning

  • An emphasis on social & emotional development

  • A safe family environment

  • Low student-to-teacher ratio

  • A quality music program

Please see the Classroom Handbook and the Kindergarten Curriculum documents for more information about the classroom.

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Our Daily routine

Circle time:

  • builds a foundation of literacy

  • teaches the basics of the calendar

  • utilizes social skills

Bible time:

  • teaches about our Savior

  • shows how to share His love with others in our daily lives

Key experiences:

  • explore learning through hands-on, active experiences

  • strengthen fine motor and technological skills

  • support early academic skills

  • are individualized to meet the needs of each child

Movement & recess:

  • build large motor skills

  • encourage a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise

  • give opportunity for students to explore the outdoors

Play time:

  • provides countless opportunities for learning through imaginative play, creative expression, social problem solving, and student choice

  • gives students the chance to explore and apply their knowledge of the world

Music time:

  • introduces basic music concepts

  • teaches familiar Bible and children's songs

Kindergarten-level math, reading, science, and social studies lessons:

  • provide more in-depth learning experiences for our kindergarten students

  • are crafted to meet each student's level of readiness and understanding throughout the year

  • encourage collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity to make sense of our world

  • work together to provide challenges in STEM learning