Family Bible Study: Golden Calf Aftermath

Last Sunday we had the privilege of studying the account of the Golden Calf, seeing how the people's fear and lack of faith led them into gross idolatry. We had the chance to see how our fear and lack of faith leads us to value other things more than God as well. That's never good, neither when we do it nor when Israel did it.

But last week also showed Moses beginning to intercede on behalf of the people and hold God accountable to his promises, work that will continue in this week's study. This Sunday we will see how God's anger burns a short time and how his love and forgiveness supersedes all--from Israel's Golden Calf to every sin that plagues our lives! Jesus' death and resurrection provide the solution to the world's sins, no matter how severe they might seem. Join us for this encouraging and enriching study, this Sunday at 9:15am in the Gloria Dei Fellowship Hall.