God's Encouraging Word... when I am lonely

God's Encouraging Word... when I am lonely

February is a month where there's a lot of pressure to not feel lonely. Valentine's Day seems to take that pressure to ridiculous levels. If you're not in a relationship or your relationship or marriage is in troubled times, a celebration of love (at least as the world defines it) can cause you to feel very much alone.

No one wants to feel lonely. We want to feel connected to a group, to be part of a family, to be loved. You might feel alone because you're traveling; you might feel alone because of the lost of a loved one. Sometimes we feel alone because we miss loved ones and just want to share one more conversation or one more memory with them.  Sometimes we feel alone because we just don’t feel like there is anyone who understands our pain or our problems. At times we can feel all alone, even when surrounded by people, because it just seems like no one really cares about us.  

It goes without saying that no one likes to feel lonely. The only thing worse than feeling lonely, is feeling lonely with the burden of shame or guilt. Thankfully, Jesus came to be with us. The truth is that each one of us deserved to be left alone, because each one of us has separated ourselves from a holy God by our sins. But instead of leaving us alone, God himself drew near to us.  So near, that he took all of our sin and guilt and shame upon himself. He gave his life on the cross to take it all away, so that we would never have to be alone.

Yes, there will be times that we feel all alone here on earth.  But we don’t have to.  Our Savior who died and rose from the dead promises, “Surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  He gave his life to make it happen and his Word to guarantee it forever. 

Can Gloria Dei help fill a lonely place in your heart? I pray that it can, because of the gospel we proclaim and the assurance of God's love, forgiveness, and free gift of eternal life in Jesus. As if that were not enough, a Christian congregation allows us to encourage one another, to be a part of a church family where Jesus' forgiving love is ideally the focus of all of our interactions. Join us for worship to see the love of God clearly displayed in the pages of Scripture and each moment of our lives.

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