Adult Education at Gloria Dei

While we take children's education incredibly seriously and have made it a cornerstone of our congregation's ministry, educating those who are older for continuing training in God's Word is of the utmost importance as well. As we strive to "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3:18), we've prepared several different opportunities to accomplish that goal.

Sunday Morning Bible Class

Time: Sundays from 9:15am to 10:15am
Location: Downstairs Church Fellowship Hall

We gather together before worship each Sunday to study portions of God's Word. Topics will range from studying books of the Bible from start to finish to specific subjects of interest to and requested by the class. Join us for a warm cup of coffee, lively discussion and study of God's Word, and a nice, meditative way to prepare for Sunday worship as well!

Online Midweek Evening Bible Class

Time: Wednesdays from 8:00pm to 9:00pm, September - May
Location: Online, via GoToMeeting

We're busy and pulled 100 different directions each day. Finding time to study the Bible is difficult; getting yourself somewhere to do so with traffic and meals and families to consider if even more difficult. Gloria Dei's online Monday evening Bible class is designed to take some of those barriers to entry out of your Bible Study. Run in a similar format as our Sunday morning class, but covering different material, this online class lets you do a class Bible study from your own home. Sit at the kitchen table or curl up on the couch to join us for class and enjoy the love of your Savior in a special way on a weekday evening! Because of the technical requirements for GoToMeeting, you will need a special link each week to join the class. To be put on that mailing list, please contact Pastor Shrimpton.

Bible Information Class

Times and locations by request

Grow in Your Faith and Knowledge! Our Bible Information Classes (BIC) are designed to serve a variety of purposes. Their primary purpose is for those who are interested in becoming members of Gloria Dei's congregation. The class enables students to study in depth all of the teachings of our congregation so that they can make an informed decision should they decide to join our congregation. Secondary purposes for this class are for those who simply curious about the Bible in general or in what Gloria Dei teaches who may wish to join a class to have long-standing questions addressed or to simply increase their personal knowledge of the Bible.  The class also may serve a wonderful review purpose for those who have been Christians for much of their life, but would like to brush up on some things and dust out the cobwebs. These classes are free and presented on an as-requested basis, and can be held anywhere that is convenient for the student(s) enrolled.  To request a class, please contact Pastor Shrimpton.

Young Adult Catechism Class

Sunday afternoons, 12:00pm to 1:30pm, September - May
Gloria Dei Classrooms

"Bring Your Children Up in the Training and Instruction of the Lord!"
Catechism Classes serve the same basic purpose as our Bible Information Classes, though for our member children. Typically the class runs for three years, from 6th Grade through 8th Grade, during which time the children broaden their understanding and knowledge from of God's Word, maturing from Sunday School lessons to a deeper understanding of the doctrines of the Bible. After satisfactory completion of the course, the member children may then be received in adult membership of Gloria Dei.