A Worksheet for Joyful Percentage Giving


Percentage Calculation

The following exercise will hopefully be a helpful tool in making those prayerful, heart-made decisions so that we can all be giving, not under compulsion, but cheerfully to spread the Word of our God who rescued all from their sins.

Determine if you will be calculating income based on a weekly, monthly, or annual amount and fill in the blanks as appropriate.

NOTE: No information entered into this form is not stored anywhere. Calculations are done on your local computer and stay there. This tool is for your information only.

Joyful, Percentage Giving Calculator
Calculate Current Giving Percentage
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Income (Weekly/Monthly/Annual):
Current Giving Percentage:  %
Calculate Desired Gift Amount
Desired Percentage:
Income (Weekly/Monthly/Annual):
Desired Gift Amount

Determining Giving Goal

After you've figured out what your current percentage giving is, prayerfully consider if and how you might be able to increase it. If your giving is at 5%, could it be 7%? If it's at 10%, could it be 11%? Those are choices for you and your family to plan for yourselves. You can use the second part of the above calculator to determine what your regular gift would be at a new percentage. May the Lord bless your wrestling!