Grades 1-8


Like our Kindergarten class for the younger children, our older children receive continual support and Christian love when a part of the Gloria Dei family. Each school day is centered around Jesus' all-forgiving love, which builds the children up in their faith and their confidence for eternity. The children and faculty alike are able to but Jesus' love into action in their interactions with each other, to build one another up rather than tear them down.

While God's love impacts the children's faith and their interactions with each other, they also receive a top-quality education that will prepare them not just for eternity with their Savior, but to excel in anything they choose to do after they leave our school. Graduates from Gloria Dei have gone on to be doctors, teachers, pastors, and a variety of other highly-skilled careers.

Gloria Dei Lutheran School employs a system that is rather unique in the educational world and yet something we see great value in. As we strive to keep class sizes small and the teacher-to-student ratio small, we also use a multi-grade classroom where Grades 1 through 8 share one space.  Note: as enrollment allows, plans will be made to serve our students in the best setting possible, such as the addition of a second classroom and teacher.

Parents often have many questions about this setup. How does it work? What does it look like? Why do you use it? After children have thrived in this environment, though, many parents are overjoyed with the setup. What follows is a list of some answers to some of those questions parents initially have to start to answer some of your questions. They will not all be answered here, though. To get your questions about our elementary grades classroom answered, please contact Principal Richard De Frain or visit the Gloria Dei Contact page.

multiple grades in one room? How is that beneficial?

Our unique multi-age setting for grades 1-8 allows our students:

  • to interact with children of various ages,
  • to learn to work independently and with peers, and
  • to progress at individual speeds, in areas such as math and reading.

What if my child is the only one in his grade level?

We understand that most schools have many children in one grade.  We also recognize that every child is unique, learning at his own pace.

Subjects like math and reading are taught at each child's ability level, and subjects such as religion, social studies and science can be taught to mixed ages.  We strive to meet  and excel beyond the state standards for each grade level.  A mixed-age classroom allows the grade level lines to be "blurred" during the school day, so that the students are learning with others at a pace that suits their individual needs.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the mixed-grade classroom is that younger children are soaking in what the older children are learning far before they would normally be exposed to it, while the older children are present continually to help the younger children with their work. This impromptu tutoring system not only helps the younger children, but reinforces core concepts for the older children to have an even stronger foundation.

How can smaller class sizes benefit my child?

Our smaller class sizes mean:

  • more one-on-one attention for your child, ensuring that he won't get "lost in the crowd," and
  • a family-like atmosphere in the classroom and among school families.

I'm still not sure how this works...

Sometimes it just helps to see this setup in action and to have your questions answered in person. Feel free to setup a school tour to visit and see if Gloria Dei's environment might be right for your child!