Gloria Dei Summer Music Camp:
Exploring God's Gift of Music

Beginning to explore musical concepts in singing, playing, writing, and reading music can help children develop an appreciation of music that can last for a lifetime. Gloria Dei's Summer Music Camp is designed to be a part of that development. We hope that through the camp children have fun learning the components of music and might even discover some musical interests and gifts they did not know that they had.

Our Summer Music Camp aims to be a week of fun for 6- to 12-year-olds to learn about music in the following ways:

  • Learning music theory and applying those skills through games and simple composition
  • Studying and learning music history and appreciation through listening and performance
  • Learning and practicing vocal skills
  • Gaining musical insight through presentations given by local professional musicians
  • Flexible goals to meet the skills of the students

Each day will allow exploration in these musical skills as well as time in God's Word through daily devotions which give us the real reason to express our joy in music: God's eternal love for us!

Watch for more information on our next Music Camp scheduled for the Summer of 2018!

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